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Saskatoon's Rugged Little Thing blends together a perfect cocktail of Old Time, Bluegrass, and Folk Music that feels like home. Born out of kitchen jams and late nights by campfires in Canada's north, these two have fallen into sweet harmonies and catchy rhythms that are sure to get your toes tapping.

In 2014, Jille Shotton was making her way across Canada to attend various bluegrass festivals and stopped when she arrived at the Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival in northern Saskatchewan where she fell in love with the music community and, very shortly after, she fell in love with her now husband, and musical partner, Ryan Shotton.
After Jille proposed to Ryan on stage, Rugged Little Thing recorded two albums, got married, made several music videos and played at over a dozen music festivals.
Since the release of "Fare Thee Well" in 2018, Saskatoon's Rugged Little Thing has toured from the islands in BC all the way to Montreal and continue to charm audiences in homes, theatres, stages, and festivals all across Canada. 

You can also spot these two at a weekly Bluegrass Brunch in Saskatoon which was started by Jille herself in 2015.

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